Quex ED and biofeedback – energy balancing system

The Quex ED energy balancing system is the latest generation of Quantum Biofeedback systems and is a biofeedback based device from QXWorld. Researchers long ago discovered that the body emits invisible vibrations, and that these vibrations change, for example, in times of stress or when the body’s energy or balance is upset. Today’s state-of-the-art biofeedback systems, such as the Quex Ed model, can detect and analyse the body’s bioenergetic vibrations and involve the patient in the conscious regulation of physiological functions.

Quex ED and biofeedback – energy balancing system

Quex ED balances the most subtle energy centre, the chakra system. The device can be used to apply a variety of therapeutic programmes designed to balance energy. 

Not only energy balancing, but also energy boosting may be required, and this is provided by the Trivector programme, a balancing protocol designed for powerful energy stimulation. It can be used for stress management, stress reduction, muscle retraining, growth and pain management. 

Quex Ed corrects and adjusts your meridian system where necessary to create energy balance (meridian: the set of pathways in the body along which life energy flows)

What is biofeedback?

The English word biofeedback means biological feedback. 

In biofeedback, a tool developed for biofeedback therapy, we use information about how the body works and gain effective skills to control our bodies in a new way we have never done before.

When we feel anxious or stressed, our body works differently. Our muscles can tense, our heart rate and breathing speed up. 

With biofeedback therapy tools like the Quex ED, we can make changes that help relax muscles or even reduce pain.

Biofeedback therapy 

Biofeedback therapy can be used for a wide range of complaints, including stress, high blood pressure, allergies, pain, musculoskeletal complaints, concentration problems, incontinence, asthma, tinnitus, constipation, attention deficit and many more.

An effective, non-invasive therapeutic device can be used to conduct biofeedback therapy, giving you control over the unconscious processes in your body. 

Biofeedback therapy can help with various health problems or reduce the amount of medication you take. There is no fear of side effects, it can be used for almost anyone. 

There are many people who avoid taking medication as much as possible, as all medications have side effects that can be harmful. Biofeedback treatments are also popular because they support the body’s self-healing processes in a natural way.

Quex ED and biofeedback 

The Quex ED biofeedback device includes hardware, software and high quality sensors.  

It includes a state-of-the-art medical electroencephalogram (EEG) chip, electromyography (EMG) chip and electrocardiogram (ECG) chip. 

These measure the electrophysiological signals of the brain, muscles and heart.

The innovative solution allows more accurate measurement of electrophysiological signals. It detects all the stress factors of the patient more accurately, allowing a better energy balance to be achieved.

Benefits of Quex ED

The Quex ED is an energetic medical device that:

  • is unique in its holistic approach (the holistic approach is based on taking into account the whole person, including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects, in order to achieve balance)
  • it is designed to balance energy
  • is able to perform several tasks simultaneously
  • the most advanced of Quantum Biofeedback systems
  • its sensor chips have the most advanced noise filters
  • more sensitive than the Quex S therapy device

Overall, thanks to the advanced technology that Quex ED has, it supports patient well-being, reduces stress, stimulates relaxation without interventions and drugs. It helps to create a state of harmony, balancing the energy of the whole body.